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Want to become a volunteer in Cambodia?

Love Cards can find volunteer work for almost everyone that are interested. Most work will require that you can work up to 6 days a week for no less than 6 months. We can also be helpful to find good and cheap accommodation as well as a friendly connection with the local volunteer community.


Currently available positions are:

  • Sales Coordinator 1 year
  • Jays School, Language Teachers +26 weeks
  • English teacher at Tatouk Primary School
    -Full day 3 times a week. 6 months +
    -One hour from Siem Reap town
Davy, one of our local volunteers assisting children at TaTouk Primary School.

As a volunteer you will have to pay for your own accomodation & food as well as transport costs to and from project sites, schools etc.

NB! Volunteers that want to work with children must usually provide an official Certificate of Good Conduct prior to arrival. Taking the TEFL course or equivalent is recommended for those who want to work as English Teachers.

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