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As of January 2014 Love Cards reports have been included in NEDO's accounts and can be found at:

02.03.2014 Monthly report for December 2013
20.01.2014 Monthly report for November 2013
14.11.2013 Monthly report for October 2013
16.10.2013 Monthly report for September 2013
20.09.2013 Monthly report for August 2013
31.08.2013 Monthly report for July 2013
15.08.2013 Monthly report for June 2013
12.07.2013 Monthly report for May 2013

23.05.2013 Monthly report for Apr 2013
15.04.2013 Monthly report for Mar 2013
25.03.2013 Monthly report for Feb 2013
18.02.2013 Monthly Report for Jan 2013

14.01.2012 Monthly report for Dec 2012
15.12.2012 Monthly report for Nov 2012
16.11.2012 Monthly report for Oct 2012
23.10.2012 Monthly report for Sep 2012

04.10.2012 Monthly report for Aug 2012

04.10.2012 Monthly report for July 2012

30.07.2012 Monthly report for June 2012

21.06.2012 Monthly report for May 2012

14.05.2012 Monthly report for Apr 2012

24.04.2012 Monthly report for Mar 2012

24.03.2012 Monthly report for Feb 2012

22.02.2012 Monthly report for Jan 2012

20.02.2012 Monthly report for Dec 2011

23.11.2011 Monthly report for Nov 2011

23.11.2011 Monthly report for Oct 2011

24.10.2011 Monthly report for Sep 2011

16.09.2011 Monthly report for Aug 2011

30.08.2011 Monthly report for July 2011

03.08.2011 Monthly report for June 2011

31.07.2011 Monthly report for May 2011

30.05.2011 Monthly report for April 2011

26.04.2011 Monthly report for March 2011

23.03.2011 Monthly report for February 2011

23.03.2011 Monthly report for January 2011

23.01.2011  Monthly report for December 2010

23.12.2010  Monthly report for November 2010

01.12.2010  Monthly report for October 2010

Monthly report for September 2010

17.09.2010 Monthly report for August 2010

17.08.2010 Monthly report for July 2010

15.07.2010 Monthly report for May June 2010

15.05.2010 Monthly report for April 2010

05.03.2010 Monthly report for March 2010

03.02.2010 Monthly report for February 2010

16.01.2010 Love Cards made by children at St Andrews in the Bahamas.

10.01.2010 Monthly report for January 2010

31.12.2009 Monthly report for Nov-Dec & Year 2009

01.12.2009 Angkor Palace Resort & Spa buys reprint Christmas Cards from Love Cards

30.10.2009 Monthly report for October 2009

30.09.2009 Monthly report for September 2009

31.08.2009 Monthly report for June-August 2009

31.05.2009 Monthly report for May 2009

30.04.2009 Monthly report for Feb - March & April 2009

10.03.2009 Love Cards makes invitation cards for COCA COLA SABCO

20.02.2009 Monthly report for January 2009

15.02.2009 Love Cards Sponsors the yearly Puppet show in Siem Reap.

23.01.2009 December and Annual Report 2008

01.12.2008 Love Cards report for November 2008


01.11.2008 Love Cards report for October 08

01.10.2008 Love Cards report for September 08

23.08.2008 Love Cards report for August 08

30.07.2008 Love Cards report for July 08

30.07.2008 Love Cards report for May and June 08

08.06.2008 Love Cards spreads to Japan! Please visit:

29.04.2008 Love Cards Report for April 08

27.03.2008 Love Cards Report for March 08

20.02.2008 Love Cards Report for February 08

31.01.2008 Love Cards Report for January 08

31.01.2007 Love Cards Accounting Report 2007

22.09.2007 First session of the new school year at Tatouk.
Now with a professional local artist as teacher. A successful start of the new school year. Bad roads made it a little difficult to get to the school, on this saturday morning.

The first class this week had to wait and got a little impatient with us.                        


A young boy practicing to draw the famous "Bayon" face from Bayon in Angkor Thom.


Cards being dried after the first session. Motives. Apsara fingers and a farm house


Have you seen the name "NINO" on some of the cards? Well its the boy in the middle of the photo.          


The second class playing games while they wait for their turn in the class room.

Boys from the first year having a break between classes.


20.09.2007 Prototype for new gift cards are ready


26.06.2007 Initiates own paper production to produce handmade gift cards


24.06.2007 Makes custom cards to private customers


24.06.2007 Sanitation facilities at Tatouk Primary School finished


26.04.2007 Sanitation facilities at Tatouk Primary School

A 700 dollar budget sanitation facility is scheduled to be built in May 07.

06.04.2007 Monthly reports for February and March 07

Monthly report for Feb-March


28.03.2007 Angkor Paradise

We are pleased to welcome Angkor Paradise, a favourable 4 star hotel with a professional and very friendly management.

25.03.2007 Love Cards delivers handmade welcoming cards to World-Hotellink

Children at Tat-touk primary school made a great effort to paint welcome cards to all participating parties at the World Hotellink summit in Siem Reap.


23.03.2007 Rosy Guesthouse joins Love Cards

We are very happy to have Rosy Guesthouse joining our project.


26.02.2007 Monthly report for January 07

Monthly report for January 07, comments

03.02.2007 Angkor Market joins Love Cards

We are glad to announce that our favourite food store, Angkor Market, has joined in as a Love Cards partner. Angkor Market is an important meeting point for people in the hospitality business in Siem Reap. In addition to increasing revenue from card sales, presence at Angkor market will make Love Cards more visible.

24.01.2007 New partners joining Love Cards

17.01.2007 Second Village Volunteer Excursion

The White Bicycles and Love Cards invite guests to join us on a water filter commission and love cards painting session in Ta Touk village. Ta Touk village is situated about 1 hour from SR on fairly ruff roads.

  •          A short training session on water filter commission

  •          Water filter commission or Love Cards art class assistant at Ta Touk

  •          Simple Lunch with children at Ta Touk Primary

04.01.2007 Village Volunteer Excursion

The White Bicycles and Love Cards invite guests to join us on a water filter commission and love cards painting session in Ta Touk village. Ta Touk village is situated about 1 hour from SR on fairly ruff roads.

  •          Training session on water filter commission

  •          Water filter commission or Love Cards art class assistant at Ta Touk

10.08.2006 Love Cards Project Launched

Love Card Stands are made from deal ends, leftover glass, excess steel pipes, old rubber tubes and leftover folio stickers.

We would like to thank the following for being generous helping us design and produce the Love Card Stand, for material and print work.

Anders Tallberg

Industrial Designer from Norway. Designer of the Love Cards Stand. Anders is a volunteer worker in Siem Reap.

Phone: 092 214950 Email:


Heng Loeub woodwork  shop

Makes tables, doors, windows, frames, whiteboards and custom design.

Phone: 012946219

Location: About 300 metres up from old market. #251 Svay Dang Kum


Victory Printing House

Designs and print leaflets, business cards, posters and more

Phone: 012 274 316

Location: On Sivatha Blvd #B04


Prahpishnukar Computer Art

Print stickers, folio signs, posters and more.

Phone: 012 384282

Location: Across the bridge from Old Market

Siem Reap Book Center

The bookstore in Siem Reap. Offers a variety of stationary, academic books, office supplies and more. Provides Love cards with academic books and material, water colours, crayons and post card paper.

Phone: 012 929 298 Email:

Location: Pithnou Street (East end of Bar Street)


Steel Worker Shop

Maker of handmade chairs, tables, shelves from steel. pipes

Phone: 012 728 518

Location: Opposite Lock Yinh Hotel halfway to Psau Leu


Kim Hour

Provide and cut any types of glass and mirrors, as well as making tables, cabinets and more

Phone: 012 888 449

Location: On route six just before Ssau Leu

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